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Founded Na Zhong and Jiaoyang Li in New York City in 2019, Accent Accent is a cross-border, multi-disciplinary platform devoted to hosting literary classes, events, creating and supporting writing communities, and discovering and publishing new literary voices. Our team is primarily based in New York City. We have an offline bookstore and art space, Accent Sisters, in Jersey City. Our mission is to connect creators who identify as Chinese and of Asian heritage through a variety of activities, including bilingual workshops, publishing, residencies, open calls, and art exhibitions. We endeavor to create a fluid, nomadic community that facilitates synergies across borders, languages, and media. Find us at

​Accent Sisters/Accent Temple 

Accent Sisters,  cofounded by Jiaoyang Li and Hongru Pan, is a speakeasy bookstore and gallery. Itself is a piece of work. a project space that floats around the idea of being a bookstore, not for selling but for making work, for generating new conversation.  It's queer, feminist, everything and nothing.  Carrying weird and spiritual hearts from underground bookmakers worldwide. Accent Sisters select books from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the wider Sinosphere in Southeast Asia. Fiction and nonfiction, poetry, translation as well as art books, books of prayers and spells, and more.  Accent Sisters address: 150 Bay Street, Studio 206, Jersey City, NJ

Accent Temple, is Accent Sisters experimental side-project,  based in Manhattan's Chinatown, underneath West Zen Temple. It's an subcultural bookstore

and gallery space in the form of a temple. Here the ancestors and goddess you can sacrifice are all poets and writers...  Accent Temple address: 9 Monroe street, New York, NY

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If you are interested in investing us, email me for our BP.

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