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from Icarus's Labyrinths by Jinjia Li, co-translate with Kate Costello 

The Poetry Review

Not much to say about the kickbox video by Anne Carson 

Quarantine Note Series published by The Paper

Su Xian's poems tr. in collaboration with Cassandra Atherton
Anthology of Homings and Departure: Selected Poems from Contemporary China and Australia
edited by Bao Huiyi & Hai An

Postcript of Berlin Diaries by Marie 'Missie' Vassiltchikov

Chinese edition published by Horizon Books

William Faulkner's interview with Paris Review

First published by Penguin-China Wechat, reprints by Making Books 

Zadie Smith's Brexit Diary

Penguin Book-Wechat

Postscript of Berlin Diaries
Horizon Press

other clients including The British Library, Jingdaily, The Highline park, The Output...

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