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7 poems, Wassaic stories and other poems, 新九叶

10 poems, Southern Art Magazine 

The Sea with mousse, Chinese Female Poets Anthology 2020, Yangtse River Publishing House

The Hanging Hexagram, Gulf Coast Magazine 

Drinking, and drinking still, Stirring lit journal 

Christmas mannequins, Guanwu poetry magazine

Intersection of Sonja,  Blackbox Manifold, reprinted by Foglifter Magazine 2021 Volume 6 issue 1

13 Haikus (Quarantine Series) 
Chinese and English edition, Ariel Literature OptoArt Multilingual
German edition, translated by Phillip Meinert, Literarische Blatter


Fast Fetch in collaboration with Shangyang Fang 
Bitter Lemon Magazine

6 poems by Jiaoyang Li, GuanWu Poetry Magazine

Aria of the Kitchen, Voice and Verse Magazine

Pilgrim, Lemonlylemon & Spittoon

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