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Go to sea  (下海)

Our first narrative game project, “Go To Sea.” After focusing on simulations and computational projects for nearly a decade, we are now able to tell a meaningful story that resonates with children who grew up in 80s/90s China.


“Go To Sea” is a retro pixel narrative game set in China during the 1990s, a time when the country underwent rapid privatization. The game follows Xiao Kang, a young man working at a neighborhood bathhouse in a northern Chinese industrial town. The bathhouse serves as a meeting place for local residents to share stories and information, influencing Xiao Kang’s thoughts over time.

Through interactive gameplay, “Go To Sea” aims to provide players with an intimate glimpse into the lives of people who experienced the challenges of rapid modernization. The story explores internal conflicts and the struggles of individuals as they navigate a changing world that feels both promising and unfamiliar.

Our team has faced obstacles in developing this project, but we are committed to delivering a thought-provoking and emotionally engaging experience to players by the end of the year. “Go To Sea” portrays moments of violence but also conveys a mix of sadness and happiness, reflecting the characters’ hardships and victories.

We invite players to embark on this sincere journey, as we strive to authentically capture the essence of growing up in 80s/90s China and the realities of rapid modernization.


Lead : zzyw (Yang Wang and Zhenzhen Qi)

Writing: Jiaoyang Li

Game Design: Zongying Liu

Interactive Design: Qianlin Li 

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