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Writing for/with performance art, art installation, video game, and other audio-visual content

Selected mixed media projects I've worked on,  and participated in. The projects big and small,  range from VR/AR, Video Games,  Textile, Audio-Visual Installation, Drag Performance, and Puppet Shows.  Mostly, I work with concept designing, writing, directing, and performing. 

Selected projects 

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Homecoming: love you all the ways , Baryshnikov Arts Center

This program brings together music by Chromic Duo, composer Nyokabi Kariuki, Phong Tran, technologist and visual artist Brian Ellis, and dance collective J CHEN PROJECT and poet Jiaoyang Li. Jiaoyang contribute a poem that utilizes research and prototyping of interviews and field recordings that Chromic Duo conducted in New York City's Chinatown to bring to light the sounds and stories of the people and communities around them.

Healing Voices, premier stage at Kean College. 

Produced in partnership with the New Jersey Theatre Alliance, Healing Voices: Caregivers' Stories weaves together short works of prose, poetry, and theatre about personal caregiving experiences into an intimate theatrical performance. 

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Letters without borders 
Culture Lab LIC

“Letters Without Borders”, the Extended Reality Ensemble (XRE) creates an immersive experience of togetherness by combining traditional artforms with mixed reality technology. The interactive installations and performances tell the stories of migrants living in NYC and their communication which they send or sent back to their home countries, immersed in audio-visual installations, sculptures, live poetry, spoken word, avatars and music. The participating artists are Clara Francesca, She's Excited!, Jani Rose, Jiaoyang Li, Sky Rolnick, and more.

Creating beyond words: Generative AI Group Exhibition

Creating beyond words: Generative AI as an artist tool is an AI art exhibition presented by the :iidrr gallery. The exhibition features eleven artists' Text to Image AI generated works, sharing the creative process of art making under the new wave of technology. This exhibition also explores how generative AI tools can revolutionize the creative process for poets, writers, and artists, and how AI as an emerging creative agent with social attributes may bring changes to the relationship between creators.

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