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How I disappeared

Taking inspiration from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, six female Asian immigrant artists conjure an ever-changing cityscape, evoking memories and desires built from their unique experiences and personal perspectives. From the intimate to the grand, from the physical to the digital, this multimedia object-performance project explores the poetic intricacies of urban life; where dreams are nurtured and sometimes shattered. With original live music, AR puppetry,  Immigrant Story, Poetry  and interactive installations.

Performance Venues | HERE Arts Center, New Ohio Theatre, The Center at West Park, Object Movement Festival, Dumbo Six-Foot Platform



Director | Tianding He
Co-Directors/Devisers/Performers/Playwright | Jiaoyang Li, Qingan Zhang, Yuexing Sun, Ningyi Zhang, Non Kuramoto, and Michi Zaya

Sounds & Music | John Tsung
Creative Coder | Brian Ellis

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