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The Complete Works of Alberto Caeiro by Fernando Pessoa, a book review. Asymptote Blog

​Quarantine Diary Part 2, The Paper 

Quarantine Diary Part 1, The Paper 

For us, Rats Running in the Parallel Universe, a review of Wang Chong's New Play. Beijing Contemporary Art Center

My First Half of Life: Catamite, Metal hospital, and Piano  A review of James Rhodes's book Instrumental.   The Paper

An East European Caravan Crashes Into Pieces —— about drMarias’ new book Junk Removal 
Chinese News magazine, reprint by Hua Cheng Literary magazine 

Sarah Howe and Ocean Vuong, A New Generation of Asian Poets, a review.  Penguin Books, Reprinted by Voice and Verse Poetry Journal and Hong Kong Stand News 

China Town, The Others, A book review. Youth Magazine 

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